Welcome to Whitehill Consulting Engineers, founded in 1998.  Whitehill Consulting Engineers specializes in water and wastewater treatment system design and operations consulting with a focus on small and medium sized applications.

Recirculating Sand Filter Under Construction

Shown is a recirculating sand filter recently constructed in Lancaster County, PA.  This is part of an innovative treatment system using natural processes to achieve denitrification of wastewater in areas with high naturally-occuring groundwater nitrates.  This location uses the recirculating sand filter for CBOD reduction and nitrification of the wastewater followed in series by a subsurface flow constructed wetland.  This treatment configuration is able to achieve a denitrified effluent without expensive process control or chemical feed equipment.  An additional benefit of this treatment system is a high degree of bacteriological inactivation, meeting typical disinfection requirements without further treatment.

Whitehill Consulting Engineers can provide custom engineered solutions to your water and wastewater needs.  Our experienced engineering and support staff can meet the demands of your particular requirements with cost effective and low-maintenance designs.  Our focus is on small to medium size designs which, due to their inherent flow and waste strength variations, offer a unique challenge to the engineer.